Client On-Boarding

It stands to reason that client on-boarding is a critical business process. Without clients you have no business. But do it poorly and ...

- you risk customer frustrations and losing them to the competition;
- or worse you fail to adhere to regulations exposing yourself to fines and damage to reputation;
- or worse on-boarding someone incorrectly causing expense and also the potential loss of the customer anyway;
- or worse allowing someone to on-board that has fraudulent or otherwise hidden, damaging intent.


Product Categories Used for On-boarding

Quality client on-boarding requires quality data that has been validated against all internal and external checks. For this we use our Remediator product to handle the cognitive capture, extraction, enrichment and validation against denial list, Department of Home Affairs etc.

Quality client on-boarding also requires the right processes, rules, and controls be in place. For this we leverage Case Manager from IBM. With out solution added to it, we apply controls on content elements and organize it for analysis and consumption. Tasks, actions, work and other features are available for us to enforce control and manage the work processes necessary to complete the on-boarding processes in a compliant manner.