Al Medicine for Embryology

Deep-learning, automated and cognitive human embryo annotation and quality evaluation system

We are excited to bring this solution to the African market. Using the same technology we offer banks, insurance companies, governments we can now offer it for IVF. The solution is developed by Cogniware, who is a partner of ours.

The Challenge

The evaluation of a human embryo is among the biggest challenges in human infertility treatment, even more so during In-Vitro Fertilization treatment. Evaluating the viability and genetic constitution of fertilized egg and embryo is a complex process, which calls for highly skilled repetitive labor. This demands tremendous concentration, the process may last several hours per day. To determine which embryos should be transferred, which frozen and which are unsuitable, embryologists use a set of 400 markers. However, such a vast pool of data can quickly become problematic. IVF world has lately experienced increased number of IVF chain formations, which intensifies the need for unification of treatment procedures and continuous quality of treatments.